BrickCon here I come

I just bought my plane tickets (on Virgin America, natch) and am looking forward to my second brick convention this year! I’ll be arriving at Seattle airport at 11:35am on Friday 10/3 and leaving Sunday evening. I have a room at the Hampton Inn (official hotel for the con). Question is, how do I get there from the airport? I would rather not rent a car…

2 thoughts on “BrickCon here I come”

  1. I’ll be busy at the con that morning myself, but I’m fairly certain there are others who will be coming in on Friday morning too. There’s gotta be a way to organize shared rides to and from (from and to?) the airport. That would at least reduce the cost of the the cab ride (probably $40 from Sea-Tac).

    I’ll give it some thought… :-)

  2. I have a rental car reservation in case I’m feeling decadent but I’ll probably take a cab. If there are any other attendees arriving around the same time (my flight gets in around 11:45 AM on Friday) then I’d be happy to share a cab….

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