BrickFair 2008, Day 3

I’m writing this during the closing ceremonies. I have packed all of my models into a box, and have my suitcases beside me. “I’m leavin’ on a jet plane….” The final door prize raffle is going on now.

This afternoon I got a chance to take part in a fun event, a live Skypecast for LAML Radio Podcast. Six of us met in a hotel room on the 22nd floor, and gathered around a laptop and listened to James interview his guests live, and then joined in for a live discussion. There were a number of technical difficulties, as seems to always happen with Skypecasts, but I think it worked out OK. I’m looking forward to hearing how I sound on the podcast when it is published.

3 thoughts on “BrickFair 2008, Day 3”

  1. Yeah, it was quite an experiment. Thanks for coming the show, you guys didn’t have that much time to spend and seeing that it was very fun fest, I can understand why.

  2. I think it worked it OK, but I would have rather heard more from you guys at BrickFair. Who cares what I think when there’s a show like that going on!

    It’s even more disappointing considering that everybody on your “panel” that I recognized is actually a great builder. I suppose I can nag Joe Evangelista and Matthew Kay about what they brought next time I see them in person (we’re in the same LUG)…

    What did you bring to display?

  3. I think we should have been more assertive about how we didn’t have much time… we lost a good 15 minutes to technical difficulties, and then James went into the regular interview, when we were expecting we’d be able to all be chatting for most of the hour from 4-5. We were all disappointed about the short amount of time, but hopefully if a similar thing is tried in the future we won’t have such problems.

    I brought all the MOCs I’ve blogged about recently, plus a few more I haven’t yet blogged about :) The 2059 Caddy won “best small spacecraft” (I got a cool trophy made by Adrian Drake), judged by the LEGO company reps (Steve Witt and Jan Beyer). I also had my miniland spaceman and NASCAR on display. The other MOCs which I haven’t blogged about are a sushi bar, diesel locomotive, and another aircar project.

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