Recent BayLUG Store Displays

My LEGO club, BayLUG, has been honored to be able to display some of our work at the local LEGO stores.

Save 9V TrainsUnderwaterMicroscale Town

We are doubly fortunate in that we are the only LEGO user group in the neighborhood of not one, but two LEGO stores: Hillsdale Shopping Center and Valley Fair Mall. It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes coming up with two different displays, so sometimes we will cycle them from one store to the other. The last few times we’ve put in a display I have taken pictures using my cell phone camera, but never got around to blogging about them. So instead of having one post for each installation, I’m posting just one entry to cover all of them. There are several dioramas represented here:

  1. A “Save 9V Trains” display, featuring several train models on shelves to show what is possible using our favorite train technology. Installed 1/13/2007 at Valley Fair.
  2. Undersea diorama by Mathew, with various club members adding boats and other small models to complete the display. Installed 5/30/2007 at Valley Fair.
  3. A microscale town, featuring Russell’s COIT tower and several small buildings and vehicles by Loren. Installed 6/2/2007 at Hillsdale.

We’ll be installing new displays in both stores soon, so watch this space. I’ll try to be more reliable about blogging them…

This blog entry corresponds to two photosets on Flickr, so click each of the big pictures to go to the corresponding set page on Flickr, or view the Save 9V Trains slideshow (just 2 pictures), the Underwater slideshow, or the Microscale Town slideshow.