A Reprieve for Brickshelf

Brickshelf.com owner Kevin Loch finally posted about the whole shutdown controversy. It seems that he has had enough people offering to donate that the shutdown of Brickshelf is, for now, not iminent. Still, I think it’s pretty clear that moving one’s pictures to a more stable place like Flickr or MOCpages (which has introduced a new feature of hosting images, in response to the Brickshelf shutdown), is a good idea.

For my part, I have all my Brickshelf photos on Flickr already, but I won’t be posting anything new on Brickshelf from now on. I might start using MOCpages though, as a lot of people tend to browse there for models apparently. What do you think is the right way to proceed? Post a comment and share your thoughts.[tags]lego,brickshelf,image hosting[/tags]

One thought on “A Reprieve for Brickshelf”

  1. I’m a proponent of Flickr Pro+[something] — though I really didn’t keep my Brickshelf gallery very current.

    Like you, I don’t plan on uploading anything to Brickshelf past this point, and might even go back and change all the links for my own creations on my blog from Brickshelf to Flickr. Yes, that seems like a lot of work, but I can’t say I have a lot of confidence that Brickshelf will still be around a year from now.

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