BayLUG Meeting April 15 2007

We had a BayLUG meeting on April 15 at the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto.

I brought some items to sell as well as the new Café Corner set (which I had just purchased) to display. Plenty of other members brought some great new models to display. I was particularly impressed by David Simmons’ new Space Police ship, and Mathew Clayson’s San Diego Coaster train (similar to the Caltrain equipment here in the bay area).

We had an “alternate model” contest – build a model using only parts from one or more LEGO sets valued at $20 or less MSRP. I built a model (a dragon, using parts from the Blade Titan Exo-Force set) but didn’t win. The winner in the adult category was a guitar and amplifier built using a vehicle set, built by one of our newest members. There were some very impressive entries in the kid categories as well. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the contest entries or write down the contestants’ names, so I can’t give any more detail than that. :-(

I forgot my camera but took some pictures with my cell phone, which you can see on flickr (slideshow) or just click the photo on the right.[tags]lego,baylug,moah[/tags]