What kind of car should LEGO make?

Found on the Classic-Space.com LEGO Forums:

Apparently the LEGO company is thinking about making a new set which would be a model of a car. Not just any car though – one chosen by the LEGO fan community!! That’s right, we get to nominate any year/make/model of car that we might want to see rendered in the brick. What would you pick? Comment here or post in the original thread. (If you comment here I’ll forward your choices on…) The LEGO Ambassadors will collate the “votes” and LEGO will hopefully release a set of the most popular choice.

The rules? he car must be from the past 30 years, and well known in the US and the UK.

What’s my choice? I have to go with the VW Bug. Or maybe a Hummer. Maybe a VW microbus? A Corvette? 1965 Ford Mustang! No wait, too old.

This may take some thought. For now, I’ll stick with the Bug (they were still making them in the late ’70’s so it barely squeaks in).

And of course, whatever they don’t pick would still be good fodder for us to try to make, just for the challenge…

One thought on “What kind of car should LEGO make?”

  1. For my first choice, I would say the venerable McLaren F1. One of the fastest road going car in the world (was the fastest at 241mph until Bugatti Veyron beat it last year with 253mph). It is the most recognizable car in US and UK both in factory Orange color (with rear wing) and the famous GULF OIL color.

    My second choice would be the original Dodge Viper or if they don’t want to go that far back, the second generation Dodge Viper is good as well. If they want to do the first generation, I would like to see it in Viper Red and the original triangle wheels. However, for the second generation, I believe the GTS-R Concept (and later racing car) is the most recognizable

    My last choice would be Jeep Wrangler. The first and ultimate 4×4. Who does not know a Jeep? The scope goes beyond UK and US, too. The problem is that LEGO has done one too many 4×4 quite similarly looking like the Jeep Wrangler.

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