BrickBrick: LEGO Bloggers Code

What are good ethical guidelines for blogging about LEGO? Sean Mykael over on BrickBrick has posted a proposal for a LEGO Bloggers Code to answer that question.

I read it and think I agree with the proposed guidelines. I would like to think that I’ve already been following those guidelines but if I’ve had any lapses, please point it out to me. LEGO hobbyists, like any other kind of artist, deserve to be credited for their creations. And bloggers deserve credit for finding them. So let’s all try to bear these rules in mind as we post about LEGO in our blogs…

I learned about this via The Brothers Brick (formerly DuneChaser’s BlockLog)[tags]lego,blogging,blogs,lego blogging[/tags]

2 thoughts on “BrickBrick: LEGO Bloggers Code”

  1. Hey there Bill…

    Ive been lurking around Brickpile for a little while now and from what Ive seen you most certainly have been a responsible blogger. You always give credit where its due and Ive noticed lately that you have also been spotlighting other LEGO blogs themselves…which is just a cool thing to do.

    There seems to be quite a few LEGO blogs popping up lately(including my own) and many of us are often blogging about the same things…so I thought it might be a good idea to say something on the matter, just to see if we were all pretty much on the same page.

    Im glad to see that we are

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. I will try to maintain that standard! Your blog is one of the best ones out there – and a great name too.

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