Advent 2017 Day 6

Today’s models are a very clever airplane (City), a snowboard and slope to ride on (Friends), and a micro scale First Order Transporter ship (Star Wars). From the Christmas Build-Up we build a ladybug, and I designed a snowman out of the leftover parts.
Advent 2017 Day 6

City’s model is a propeller plane, which resembles a WWII fighter in shape, but not in color. It’s a smart design, with the fuselage consisting mainly of headlight bricks.
Advent 2017 City Day 6
Here’s a side/rear view so you can get a better idea how it’s made.
Advent 2017 City Day 6 Side

The Friends model is quite simple – two slopes, a 1×2 brick, and a snowboard. Yawn.
Advent 2017 Friends Day 6
On the box, it shows the pug dog using the snowboard on this model, so I’ve posed that here, along with the bunny from Day 3.
Advent 2017 Friends Days 3, 5, 6
The pug was much more successful.
Advent 2017 Friends Days 3, 5, 6 After
Bunny wants to give it a go on the bigger slope!
Advent 2017 Friends Days 3 & 6
Advent 2017 Friends Days 3 & 6 After

The Star Wars model is a pretty good build. Jay says it’s a First Order Transporter or Atmospheric Assault Lander which featured in The Force Awakens. I saw that movie when it came out, but don’t remember this ship.
Advent 2017 Star Wars Day 6

For Christmas Build-Up we get to make an adorable ladybug ladybird beetle.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 6

With the leftovers I made a snowman.
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 6 MOC

So far I’ve been batting 1.000 at making the instructions in a timely manner for these MOCs – see yesterday’s post for instructions on how to make the tropical fish.

[Added Dec 7th] Here’s the instructions for the snowman:
Christmas Build-Up 2017 Day 6 "Snowman" MOC

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