October 28, 2001: BayLUG Meeting, October 2001

Another repost from my old site…

BayLUG Meeting, October 2001<br />

BayLUG meeting pictures from October, 2001

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BayLUG 1BayLUG 2ZonkerBig Spaceshift 1 of 3Big Spaceshift 2 of 3Big Spaceshift 3 of 3MissionVarious carsRemote control truck 1 of 2Remote control truck 2 of 2HandcarTechnic models 1 of 3Technic models 2 of 3Technic models 3 of 3My ModelsPB4Y-2, FrontPB4Y-2, Left Front RearPB4Y-2, Left QuarterPB4Y-2, Right BottomPB4Y-2, Right RearPB4Y-2, Top