Desert Road Trip

Flickr user jedimasterwagner has made a great little desert diorama, featuring my Shasta Teardrop travel trailer, a Jeep by Mike Psiaki, and a cactus based on an idea that Flickr user brickpoor brought back from BrickWorld.

Desert Road Trip

Found via Lego Diem. Looks like the diorama was created using LDraw and rendered in 3D. I think it came out quite good – and great work on the mosaic billboard!

Hollywood Display at Valley Fair Mall

This past Saturday, we installed a new display into the “Window on the Community” display at the LEGO store in Valley Fair Mall (Santa Clara, CA).

The Artist and his work

This time, we featured the work of one of our younger members. CJ has been providing our layout with an impressive diorama of a Hollywood studio for the past few train shows, including the NMRA national convention in Anaheim last month. This display is taken from that diorama, and features a building façade with a car bursting out of it, and a film crew capturing the action. In the train shows, there’s a motor moving the car in and out, to show that it’s teetering on the edge of falling, but we didn’t have the ability to power the display at the LEGO store.

Click on the image to view the images on Flickr, or see the slideshow.

January 15, 2002: LEGOLAND Café

This little café showed off some rare printed bricks and was good at filling small spaces on the BayLTC layouts.

January 15, 2002: LEGOLAND Café

This simple café kiosk has an espresso machine and cash register, and two tables to enjoy your coffee at.

Click the big picture to go to the set page on Flickr, or you can view a slideshow of the photos.