January 15, 2002: LEGOLAND Café

This little café showed off some rare printed bricks and was good at filling small spaces on the BayLTC layouts.

January 15, 2002: LEGOLAND Café

This simple café kiosk has an espresso machine and cash register, and two tables to enjoy your coffee at.

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January 13, 2002: Bus Station

This building was one of my first contributions to the BayLTC train layout, and the first one that I posted pictures of online.

January 13, 2002: Bus Station

This bus station has a waiting room and two lanes for buses to stop. There is also a traffic signal and cellular telephone relay tower included.

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Bus StationArchesDrivewayTopTop (open)LandscapingTraffic LightWaiting RoomCell Tower

Little House Instructions

Recently I posted about some little houses that I had built for the BayLTC train shows. The photos for that are on Flickr, but I wanted to also publish them on Brickshelf which I now have done.

In addition, you can find LDraw instructions for each of the three houses should you be interested in building them yourself. Here are direct links to the building instructions:

Each one is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License so you are basically free to do whatever you want with it as long as you give me credit. Enjoy!

Little Houses

I built a trio of small houses (16×16 stud footprint) as practice in building in different architectural styles with LEGO. There is a Victorian with bay window, a house with a dormer window in the roof, and a steeply-roofed house.

They’re all a bit too small to be realistic, even by LEGO standards, so I am planning to scrap them and try to build some new houses on a 32×32 footprint. Stay tuned.

View all the pics on flickr (slideshow) or just click the photo on the right.

Update 30-May-2007: Photos and LDraw instructions are now available on Brickshelf.[tags]lego,town,architecture,house[/tags]

San Ladrillo Suburban Train Station

For the past year or so, the train station on the Bay Area LEGO Train Club layouts at train shows and museums has been my San Ladrillo Suburban Train Station.San Ladrillo Train Station

This is a modern suburban train station, with one platform and two tracks. Passengers boarding trains on the outer track wait on the main platform, and after their train arrives they cross the near track to the yellow boarding platform. Of course, this means no trains can pass through the inner track while this is happening! This is modeled after the way many stations on the Caltrain line are designed (but for safety and scheduling reasons, they are moving to a two-platform design on many of the stations).

The feature which started this model is the tile mosaic floor in the waiting area. I got the idea while riding Caltrain. When we were stopped at the Redwood City station I noticed the pattern in the concrete waiting platform of a grid of squares surrounded by long strips. Theirs wasn’t multicolored, but then theirs wasn’t built from LEGO either. :-) The station building was not based on anything from real life, though. I tried to use an archetypal station design. Note also the ticket vending machines on the station wall – tickets must be purchased before boarding!

Click the photo above to see more, or click to look on Flickr (slideshow) or on Brickshelf (pending moderation).[tags]lego,trains,town,trainstation,sanladrillo[/tags]

TransAmerica Pyramid

The TransAmerica Pyramid TransAmerica Pyramid in LEGO is one of the most distinctive structures in the city of San Francisco. In January 2006 my LEGO club, the Bay Area LEGO Users’ Group chose “mini-scale San Francisco” as the theme for our display at the LEGO store in Pleasanton, CA. I built this model, along with a scene of Lombard Street, for that display.

More pictures of the model can be found on Flickr and on Brickshelf (once moderated).[tags]lego,pyramid,sanfrancisco,mymodels,microscale,transamerica[/tags]