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Advent 2017 Day 3

The third day of the LEGO Advent calendars gives us a nice little fireplace (City), a bunny on a disc sled on a bunny slope (Friends), and some Star Wars spaceship which Jay says is “The Phantom” from that Rebels show. Christmas Build-Up‘s third model is a little puppy I think, and with the leftover parts I made a little red and white airplane.
Advent 2017 Day 3
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Advent 2017 Day 1

The time has come once more for my daily series of posts featuring the LEGO Advent calendars! This year we have once more the same three themes – City, Friends, and Star Wars – and like last year there is a 24-in-1 “Christmas Build-Up” set 40253. The latter was a freebie that you got in November for making a $100 purchase from LEGO – it’s no longer available from them, but you may find them on Amazon. (The Advent calendars may be sold out at your LEGO store as well, but using the Amazon links above helps support this blog and is most appreciated.)
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Bricks by the Bay 2017

I attended the Bricks by the Bay convention on August 3-6, 2017, for my first time as an ordinary attendee. It was a great exhibit of LEGO talent from near and far, but the show-stealer was this amazing “California Dreamin'” theme park model from Flynn and Richard which won several trophies including both Best In Show and Public Choice:

BBTB2017 721.jpg

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