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Advent 2018 Day 7

At the end of the first week, we get a woman with a shovel, an old-style camera, and a Naboo fighter.
Advent 2018 Day 7

Here’s our shoveling lady from the City calendar – the mom of the kid from Day 2, I imagine?
City Advent 2018 Day 7

Meanwhile Friends gives us another tree ornament, this time a camera with an old fashioned flash cube. I can just imagine the kids building this, saying “Mommy why don’t they just use their phone?”
Friends Advent 2018 Day 7

Star Wars gives us a Naboo fighter. With this ship the Star Wars franchise made a break from the gritty, greebly ships of the Original Trilogy, with this shiny yellow and chrome ship. One of the many flaws with the Prequel Trilogy. But at least I recognized this for what it was.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 7

Here’s another view of the Naboo Fighter.
Star Wars Advent 2018 Day 7 Rear/side

Christmas Build-Up 2017 MOC Instructions

For the first 24 days of this month, I posted my Advent 2017 posts with images of the three Advent Calendar models as well as that day’s Christmas Build-Up model. Also each day I built a MOC (My Own Creation) using the remaining parts from the Christmas Build-Up set. I made directions for each of these models and posted them in each day’s post, but in case you want to see them all in one place, here you go…
Christmas Build-Up Set
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Advent 2017 Recap

I was going to post this on the 25th, but the holiday celebrations got in my way. Anyway here’s an overview of what we found in this year’s City, Friends, and Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendars.

I’ll start with the leftovers. Every LEGO set gives you some extra parts of the smaller elements. LEGO sets are packed by weight, and to make sure they haven’t accidentally shorted you on the parts, they give an extra one of the lightest-weight elements. Also I bet these are the ones kids are most likely to lose. In any case, when you have 24 x 3 = 72 models there end up being quite a few of these small parts:
Advent 2017 Extra Parts
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