New Pictures of Snoopy and Red Baron

I finally found my lightbox and took some better pictures with a real camera of my chibi Snoopy and the Red Baron. I still don’t think the photos are as good as they can be – in some ways the original ones taken on my phone are better – but at least the lighting is better I think. I still haven’t done the crosses for the Red Baron’s tail and wings though. Continue reading “New Pictures of Snoopy and Red Baron”

Chibi Snoopy and Red Baron

A couple of weeks ago, The Brothers Brick announced a Chibi Micro Contest inviting people to build and submit models along the same lines as the Star Wars Microfighters style (like the awesome Millennium Falcon), with models that are a bit too small for the minifigs that fly them. When I saw this I immediately thought of Snoopy and the Red Baron from the Peanuts comic strip (and corresponding TV specials) by Charles Schulz. Continue reading “Chibi Snoopy and Red Baron”