Friends Second Wave #7: Heartlake Stables

Today we examine LEGO Friends 3189 Heartlake Stables
Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables

This set is the most complex I’ve built so far in this wave. You get two stables and a barn, two horses, and some equestrian accessories. It’s all pretty basic construction, but I imagine girls will be able to have a ton of fun playing with it once built. A few observations I have about the build:

  • Dark pink hand truck? that’s new. But each new part/color combination costs LEGO a slot in their pallette. Is it really worth it to produce this in dark pink instead of red? Do you really think it matters to kids to have this part in pink? I’d much rather have some basic bricks and plates in dark pink.
  • Use of sliding garage doors held in place by clips is a clever surprise and nice parts usage (the red equestrian hurdle).
  • Still annoyed that minidolls can’t sit in the horses. They have to stand in the saddles, which looks strange. Nice to have more colors of horses though.
  • 8×16 tiles in dark red!
  • 2×4 roof peak slopes in pink!
  • Yet another treasure chest sans lid. What’s up with that?
  • More stickers. :-(
  • I like the helmets with hair coming out the back.
  • The well is simple, but cute.
  • Another new Friends character, Katharina.

Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Stickers and Extra Parts) Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Stable #1) Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Stable #2)

Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Equestrian Accessories) Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Barn) Friends #3189: Heartlake Stables (Barn Interior)

Friends Second Wave #3: Mia’s Bedroom

The third in my “Friends Second Wave” reviews is LEGO Friends 3939 Mia’s Bedroom.

Friends #3939: Mia's Bedroom

This set consists of bedroom furnishings – a bed, table with a radio on it, a cabinet of some kind, and the drum set that Mia uses to keep her parents and neighbors awake at all hours of the day and night. I particularly liked the drums and the dark aqua tiles and 2×2 tile with center stud are nice parts to have in that new color. The drums themselves are well designed as well, using black telescope pieces for the cymbals and smaller drums, and a black R2D2 body for the bass drum. The furniture isn’t that exciting, though the macaroni in dark aqua could prove useful. The drum set comes with two printed tiles – one with Mia’s name and one with some sheet music.