BrickLink under new ownership

The online aftermarket LEGO store BrickLink has new owners! For years this online marketplace has been the best place for buying and selling LEGO parts. It was founded and developed by Daniel Jezek, a Czech-born immigrant to the US who ran the site for many years until his tragic death in 2010. The site has been owned by Dan’s parents since then, and administered ably by Eric Smith of Northstar Computer Systems. This week, the family announced that the site has been sold to the founder of an online game company based in Hong Kong, Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim, who is also a long time LEGO fan. You can read more about this on Mariann Asanuma’s post about the transaction. I wish all the best to Daniel’s family and to the new owners of the site.

R.I.P. Daniel Jezek, Bricklink founder/owner

The LEGO community has lost one of its most valuable members. Daniel Jezek created and ran BrickLink, the online marketplace for secondhand LEGO parts and sets, which is a cornerstone of the LEGO hobbyist community. He will be sorely missed.

Daniel Jezek, 1977-2010 ... Rest in Peace

More information and a copy of his eulogy can be seen at a special page on Bricklink established in his memory.

Bricklink Store now Open

So I have decided to take a stab at a little LEGO e-commerce. I now have a Bricklink store where you can buy new and used parts. My plan is to put into the store any sets that I buy duplicates of, and to hold back just the parts from those sets that I want. I’ll also be selling off the instructions and sticker sheets that I don’t want.

BrickLink logo

Note to local Bay Area people: get free shipping and/or pay for your item in cash by picking your items up from me directly at any BayLUG event that I’m attending. If that isn’t convenient, maybe we can meet in person some other way to exchange the items.