Advent Calendars, Day 14

Today the Castle theme gets a new figure – this time it’s a human warlock, casting a shadow bolt spell. She has apparently run out of Soul Shards and cannot summon her Voidwalker. Perhaps tomorrow’s set will provide a minion for her?

Meanwhile the diver from yesterday gets his fins along with a “diver down” flag buoy thingy and life vest. The fins are attached to the sprue from molding. Remember when 1×1 round plates came that way? Ah those were the days…. Anyway, I don’t see how he’s going to dive down very far to use his speargun with that life vest on!

Advent 14

Advent Calendars, Day 13

Today we get a Frogman and a Frog.

Advent 13

The City calendar gives us a new minifig, so now the pie vs pizza mystery is forgotten and we have some kind of fish spear hunting guy with two mask/snorkel pieces, but no flippers or SCUBA tank.

On the Castle side, our intrepid dwarf warrior gets a new axe, a mining shovel, and a box to store them in. Oh, and a frog for a companion.

Advent Calendars, Day 12

Day 12 brings us more props: a mining cart for the dwarf and an oven for the chef. Hooray for the dark blue jumper plates!

Advent 12

My World of Warcraft analogies are starting to fail on me … oh wait, I know! Deeprun Tram! Well, kinda.

Advent 12 scenes

And I guess that must be a pizza after all. Maybe it’s one of those weird Chicago-style so-called pizzas?

Advent Calendars, Day 11

Today is another prop day.

Advent 11

City: Cherry pies for the chef. (I know most of you are thinking pizza, but LEGO has printed tiles for that. Cherry pie sounds more Christmasy anyway.

Castle: Gold Vein (Requires Mining 155)

(Sorry about the World of Warcraft in-jokes… ok I lied. I’m not sorry.)

Advent Calendars, Day 9

Today we get two more accessories: a ladder for the fireman to climb, so he can rescue the cat, and a crossbow on a wheeled carriage (arcuballista) for the castle soldiers to ward off the skeletons.

New stuff for day 9

So to summarize the calendars so far, we have three distinct scenes for City:

City so far (day 9)

And in the Castle world, one grand battle gearing up:

Castle so far (day 9)

My Good Twin / Evil Twin plot will have to wait for now…

Advent Calendars, Day 8

On day 8, the City advent calendar yields a mediocre tree with a cat stranded at the top, while the Castle guys get an archery target, bow/arrow, and quiver:

Advent 8

This gives our Day 7 guys ways to practice and hone their skills prior to entering into combat. The knight from Day 7 practices his archery; meanwhile, the firefighter from the previous day practices his skills, honed in years of experience:

Advent 8: Archery Practice Advent 8: Firefighter Reports the Cat

Advent Calendars, Day 6

Today the nemeses get some reinforcements:

Advent 6

Ice Cream Girl, nemesis of Evil Twin, receives some shade and wheels for the ice cream cart. The Skeleton Guy has a reinforcement, who comes with a crossbow weapon for ranged attack. Combined with the previous skeleton and weaponry we now have four weapons for two guys, plus a shield as well. Meanwhile the nemesis of Evil Twin has no weapons at all, just a tasty and refreshing snack.

Nemesis HQs

Things are not looking good for Good Twin.

Advent Calendars, Day 5

So today, we get some accessories for the nemeses (Skeleton and Ice Cream Girl):

Advent 5

How does this fit our story? Well, let’s say that Good Twin defeated the skeleton in combat, and Evil Twin’s hot barbecue melted her ice cream, and they both ran back to their respective home bases:

Advent 5 Advent 5

Here they are, ready for round 2:

Advent 5