Advent 2015 Day 3

For the third day of the 2015 Advent Calendars we have a sled for Andrea (the Friends mini doll), ice skates and a tiny rink for our City figure, and either a micro scale tank or a minifigure scale droid for Star Wars. [EDIT: Apparently the Star Wars model is a LIN demolitionmech autonomous minelayer seen briefly in Episode IV, so it is minifigure scale.]
LEGO Advent 2015 Day 3
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Advent 2015 Day 1

Each year LEGO produces several advent calendars, featuring 24 mini-models, one for each day of December through Christmas Eve. For the past few years I’ve posted these entries each day on my blog, and as I write this it’s 11:46 PM on December 1st, so I just barely made it before the end of the day…

Day 1 brings us a Friends minidoll in a festive sweater, a micro scale Star Wars ship that I don’t recognize, and a pair of little remote control cars for City.
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