New “About Me” page

I finally got around to creating an “About Me” page. It tells the story of how LEGO came in and out of my life. Hope you find it interesting, and if you have small kids, I urge you to encourage them to be creative with LEGO. I attribute a lot of my mathematical, scientific, and computer programming skills to my childhood obsession with LEGO.

What prompted me to write this finally? I came across an article on “Delivering the Best Customer Experience” on, one of my favorite inspirational business blogs, where she said:

Have an About page that talks about you, not just your company. One of the first pages I click on on any website is the “About Us” page. I want to put a face to the name. Why are you doing what you’re doing?
If your blog doesn’t have an About page, I won’t subscribe. It leaves me feeling “empty” — even if the content is fantastic, I have nothing to anchor that to.

I don’t expect Erica to subscribe to a LEGO blog, but I think the sentiment is important, so I wrote one….