When I was a kid, Peanuts was one of my favorite cartoons. Snoopy, Woodstock, Typewriter, and Doghouse The (mis)adventures of Charlie Brown and his friends were always a treat. My father had several books of Peanuts cartoons from the 1950’s and 1960’s which I used to read over and over. So when I saw this LEGO creation I was taken right back to those days when I would lie on the guest bed in my mom’s sewing room, flipping through the old books of Snoopy cartoons.

Most really impressive LEGO models are impressive for their size. LEGO models of Snoopy have been done before, after all. But the impressive thing about this one is how small it is. As difficult as it is to build large LEGO sculptures, the ingenious use of speciatly parts such as flowers for his feet, the parts in the typewriter, etc. show even more creativity in my opinion.

The model was created by a Japanese LEGO fan named “MisaQa” There are more amazing small LEGO models available on, the creator’s Web site (which is mostly in Japanese, but with some English too). Or just click the image for more photos from the creator’s Brickshelf folder.

Minifig scale US Navy aircraft carrier

One of the most amazing LEGO models I’ve seen has recently been making the rounds of all the LEGO blogs. And this one is no exception. It’s just that good. It’s the USS Harry S. Truman, minifig scale – complete with a full complement of aircraft!

USS Harry S. Truman in Minifig Scale LEGO


I mean really, wow!

Click the image to see the rest of the pics.

The creator is a German LEGO fan named Malle Hawking, also known as “Weebleleezer.” Lacking skills in the German language that’s about all I could find on him. Look at his Brickshelf account for a few other creations which are quite good, but not nearly on the same scale.

What I want to know is, where did he get all those grey bricks? That must represent a fortune in LEGO plates and bricks. I’m not sure I could build a ship that big even without regard to color, but all in grey? Like I said before, wow.[tags]lego,ship,aircraft carrier,harry s. truman[/tags]

Treasure Reef

Today’s entry features a creation by a Czech [tag]LEGO[/tag] fan named Jindrich Kubec.

Beach Scene
Underwater Scene
Fight Scene

It’s called the Treasure Reef and is really two models in one. I came across the announcement on LUGNET a few days ago and was very impressed. The diorama consists of two main areas, plus a story in pictures:

First, there is a [tag]beach[/tag] scene with a bar, sunbathers, and volleyball court. I especially liked the sand castle and volleyball game.

But when you lift off the water (represented by blue baseplates) you can access the other part, an [tag]underwater[/tag] scene, featuring a cave of treasures protected by an octopus-like monster. There’s also a whale skeleton which came from an old LEGO set.

Finally, there is also a story in pictures, as a variation of the underwater scene, where divers fight to obtain the treasure from the [tag]sea monster[/tag] in the cave.

All the pics can be viewed by clicking the above links, or view the whole gallery on Brickshelf.

I was very impressed because of the sheer originality of this diorama. Although elements of the set (such as the whale skeleton) came from official LEGO models most of it – and the idea of combining the things together like this – is very original.

Kellogg’s LEGO Sculptures at Williamsport Airport

My wife and I visited her family in Williamsport, PA last September. There is a very small airport there which just has one gate, served by US Airways Express turboprop planes. So imagine my surprise when I saw LEGO on display there! They had a glass display case with LEGO sculptures of Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam characters, along with some of the Kellogg’s product boxes.

I don’t know why these were there, or if any other airports were included in this program, but I was very impressed with the models and very surprised to see them in such an unexpected location. As far as I know, neither LEGO nor Kellogg’s have any particular connection to Williamsport.

Display case at Williamsport Airport

LEGO models at Williamsport Airport