BayLUG October 2014 Meeting

Last month the Bay Area LEGO Users Group (BayLUG) had its annual Anniversary meeting on October 11th at the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto. We had a presentation by Russell Clark and myself on using the wiki pages to plan member participation in club events, a Halloween-themed contest, bulk LEGO for sale, and members brought a variety of their creations to display. Check out all the photos I took on Flickr (slideshow).

LEGO Fan Weekend 2014, Skærbæk Denmark

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the 10th and final LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark, on September 26-28. I say “final” because it is the last time that it is being run by the LEGO company, but the local LEGO fans will be taking over running it as of next year, so the event will continue. However it was my first time there and I had a great time! Continue reading

Going to Billund!

I’m going to Denmark tomorrow! Flying from San Francisco to Frankfurt, then on to Billund, for my first-ever visit to Denmark and LEGO HQ! I’m going to the annual Fan Weekend in Skærbæk Friday through Sunday, then visiting Billund on Monday, and on to Copenhagen and Hamburg before flying out of Frankfurt on Thursday.

But am I flying home? Not quite yet! I’m going directly from Frankfurt to Seattle (with a stop in Houston) and attending BrickCon. It’s going to be an exciting vacation and I’m really looking forward to it. Watch this space for photos and stories from my trip.

Brick Geometry Presentations

In 2008 at BrickCon in Seattle, I gave a presentation called “Half-Plate Offsets” about some LEGO building techniques that I had discovered/developed. Last year I dusted off those slides and added more things, renaming it “Brick Geometry,” and presented it at Bricks by the Bay and BrickCon in 2013, and again this year at Brickworld in Chicago and again at Bricks by the Bay. Each time I’ve made some corrections and additions to the slides, and I’m going to be presenting it again at BrickCon this year. The first two versions of the presentation (2008′s Half Plate Offsets and 2013′s original Brick Geometry version) were posted on this blog, but the other versions haven’t been … until now. Here are all the versions given so far – I’ll post the BrickCon one after the event.


Set Review: 21009 Exo-Suit

In 1978, LEGO introduced the first Classic Space sets. I was 7 years old and totally thrilled. Now LEGO has returned at long last to that theme with the new 21109 Exo-Suit set from LEGO IDEAS.

I guess that this isn’t the first new Classic Space set recently… or even this year! That honor could arguably go to the 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship! from The LEGO Movie, which I also have enjoyed building. But since that was technically a movie themed set, I’m giving it to this one. First Classic Space set in decades!!

Continue reading

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