One-wide trains by James Mathis

If you’ve been a LEGO Trains fan for as long as I have, you know the name of James Mathis very well. In the late 1990s and early 2000s he was a major player in the world of LEGO Trains, and he was one of the first AFOLs recruited by LEGO to design official sets – he designed the much-coveted LEGO Santa Fe cars (LEGO sets 10022 and 10025) which came out in 2002. But recently he has become the king of one-stud-wide trains! Continue reading One-wide trains by James Mathis

Lego Diagonal Connection Points

A common question in LEGO creations is “how do I build on a diagonal?” If you have studied trigonometry you will know one answer: the Pythagorean triangles, such as the fairly well-known 3-4-5 ratio, will give you a nice diagonal connection on a rectilinear grid such as LEGO provides. Now there’s a new page from the Cactus Brick site that explains these Lego Diagonal Connection Points in a very clear way. Check it out!

New Article: Grey, Bluish Gray, Stone Grey, or Blay?

On some LEGO Facebook groups, I’ve seen posts lately from people who are new to the hobby and confused by the names used for the shades of grey that LEGO makes. So I wrote an article explaining what happened in 2004 as LEGO rolled out the new colors which many people call “bluish” greys. (They’re not bluish! The old ones were yellowish!) Continue reading New Article: Grey, Bluish Gray, Stone Grey, or Blay?