Day: December 24, 2016

Santa and Reindeer

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So after building the Day 24 models from Advent and Christmas Build-Up I was disappointed that my sleigh only had one reindeer…. so I dug parts out of my collection and built eight more, and devised a way to hitch them all together, and put Santa Claus from the Advent City calendar in the sleigh along with the gifts from the Christmas Build-Up model.
Santa and Reindeer 1

Advent 2016 Day 24

Published / by Bill / 1 Comment on Advent 2016 Day 24

Merry Christmas! It’s December 24th, the last day of the Advent Calendars, and Christmas Eve. Our final entries are Santa Claus (City), a baby polar bear stalking a fish (Friends), and Snowbacca (Star Wars). The final model from Christmas Build-Up is also Santa Claus, with an assortment of gifts. I built a sleigh and Rudolph with the leftover parts.

Advent 2016 Day 24 All Models