Month: April 2012

I am interviewed on “A Look at LEGO” Podcast

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I was honored to be interviewed for this week’s episode of the “A Look at LEGO” podcast. Take a listen.

We talked about Heather Braaten’s passing, Bricks by the Bay, my history with LEGO, Maker Faire, my recent MOCs (Rainbow Connection: Kermit the Frog with Banjo and Four Track Signal Gantry), Bricks Cascade (a new convention in Portland, OR), running LEGO conventions as a nonprofit, my advice for someone getting started with LEGO building, the interaction between LEGO and the fans, and the explosion in new LEGO conventions all around the country. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Sorted Friends

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First-stage sort of all the parts from all 14 of the Friends sets. In January I did a review of each of the sets in 14 days called “Fortnight of Friends” and these are the parts after dissassembling all the sets.

Sorted Friends

This first pass uses a bunch of my sorting bins to divide the parts into the following major categories. Each one will require its own second-stage sort (and perhaps in some cases, a third) before the parts reach their final resting place. These categories are totally arbitrary and seat-of-the-pants, and though they do roughly correlate to how I store the parts, really anything that reduces entropy is helpful.

Left column:

  • Slopes, curved slopes, and anything that has a curved upper surface
  • Animals
  • Tiles
  • Cylindrical parts and anything that has a curved side
  • SNOT pieces and Technic parts
  • Modified plates
  • Wheels, fenders, and other car parts
  • Small parts (1×1 rounds, jumper plates, grille tiles, Henrik/cheese slopes, etc.)
  • Transparent parts
  • Bars, antennae, flags, and controls

Middle column:

  • Panels
  • Printed parts and modified bricks (grille bricks, log bricks, bricks with clips on them, etc.)
  • Fences
  • Minifig accessories, including the new flowers (which should probably go under foliage) and bugs (which should probably go under animals)
  • Foliage (plant parts and old style flowers)
  • Minifig and minidoll body parts

Right column:

  • Bricks
  • Large parts (tall bricks, windows, doors, large detail parts, etc.)
  • Plates

Now that I’ve finished the initial sort, I need to process these further.

I’m having trouble deciding how to integrate these into my collection. For bricks, plates, and tiles, I sort by color and then within the bin for each color I have Ziploc bags for each size, so I can put the new colors into their own little mini-categories, probably just one bag for each color… But for the other parts, I generally sort by type, and I’m worried the exotic rare colors will get lost among the ordinary ones… so should I mix them with the other colors and maybe never see them again? Or should I put all the purple pieces together regardless of shape?

This is a problem I’ve been facing for some time and I keep going back and forth on how to deal with it. Any new ideas out there?

Heather Nicole Braaten…you are loved

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Missing “LEGO Girl” Heather Braaten has been found dead. The LEGO community mourns her loss.

Heather Nicole are loved, a photo by Lino M on Flickr.
Heather Nicole are loved, a photo by Lino M on Flickr.

I never knew her well, but Heather “LEGO Girl” Braaten was a fixture in the Seattle LEGO community and a regular at BrickCon. She went missing last week, and her body has been found. Lino Martins created this tribute image for her and is in touch with her family.

Rest in peace, Heather.