Day: December 14, 2008

Advent Calendars, Day 14

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Today the Castle theme gets a new figure – this time it’s a human warlock, casting a shadow bolt spell. She has apparently run out of Soul Shards and cannot summon her Voidwalker. Perhaps tomorrow’s set will provide a minion for her?

Meanwhile the diver from yesterday gets his fins along with a “diver down” flag buoy thingy and life vest. The fins are attached to the sprue from molding. Remember when 1×1 round plates came that way? Ah those were the days…. Anyway, I don’t see how he’s going to dive down very far to use his speargun with that life vest on!

Advent 14

Bricklink Store now Open

Published / by Bill

So I have decided to take a stab at a little LEGO e-commerce. I now have a Bricklink store where you can buy new and used parts. My plan is to put into the store any sets that I buy duplicates of, and to hold back just the parts from those sets that I want. I’ll also be selling off the instructions and sticker sheets that I don’t want.

BrickLink logo

Note to local Bay Area people: get free shipping and/or pay for your item in cash by picking your items up from me directly at any BayLUG event that I’m attending. If that isn’t convenient, maybe we can meet in person some other way to exchange the items.


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This is my first ever train car MOC, would you believe?Gondola I’d done locomotives before, but never a car, at least that I can think of…

This gondola car first appeared at the November 2008 Great Train Expo layout by the Bay Area LEGO Train Club. I made two of these cars with a cargo of coal.

One end has a brake wheel; the other does not. Originally I built it with brake wheels on both ends but was told that was not correct, so I removed it from one end.